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15 December 07.
Quaristice Ltd Edition 2CD
Autechre released a 2CD version of their new album which comes in a metal box. It's strictly limited to 1000, but has sold out. It sold out in 10 hours. The Japn version of the CD contains a bonus track. It's unclear if this bonus track appears on the 2nd CD of the limited edition package. I will post pictures on the site shortly.

15 December 07.
Kid Acne Remix
Autechre has remixed Kid Acne's new single, 'Eddy Fresh'. It's is available on limited 7" and 12" as well as downloadable from

5 December 07.
Quaristice Track Listing
Autechre's Ninth album will be a double album.

1. Altibzz
2. The Plc
3. IO
4. Plyphon
5. Perience
6. SonDEremawe
7. Simmm
8. Paralel Suns
9. Steels
10. Tankakern
11. Rale
12. Fo13
13. fwzE
14. 90101-51-1
15. bnc Castl
16. Theswere
17. WNSN
18. chenc9
19. Notwo
20. Outh9X

5 December 07.
New Autechre record in '08
Autechre are apparently releasing their ninth studio record on March 3rd, next year. The album is titled 'Quaristice'.

5 December 07.
New Gescom released
Gescom have released a new ep on Skam records. It's available on 2x12" and CD, plus of course can be downloaded at as mp3 or lossless format, FLACs.

23 October 2006.
Gescom's MiniDisc released on CD
See theTouch records website for details and ordering information.

23 October 2006.
Lego Feet released om mp3
Intitally Autechre's Lego Feet was supposed to be reissued on CD but that was well over a year ago. Skam records have now released it in mp3 format along with their entire catalog, which means the Gescom singles are also available on mp3.

23 October 2006.
Other various bits

Autechre's remix of Lamb's 'Gold' is now aviable on their new best of 2CD called 'Remixed.' They also a new remix by Mark Broom called the Angie remixes, their new remix is called 'Any Number Between 1 & 17 (Autechre Alt Mix).' This is a 12" only release however it was also released a CD that came with an italialian magazine called XMAG. This CD was also downloadable from their website

7 April 2005.
Special Radio Broadcast
Autechre are planning a special radio broadcast on April 10th at 3pm USA West Coast time. They will be testing it out periodically before the broadcast, so tune in often.

16 March 2005.
New Ae remix!
Ae have remixed Sub Pop band, Earth's track, Coda Maestosa in F(flat) Minor. It appears on Legacy Of Dissolution Remixes CD on No Quarter Records (cat number NOQ006)

9 March 2005.
Apparently the album name is pronounced un-tilt-ed. The artwork has been revealed as well (see above picture). (thanks to WATMM)

18 February 2005.
New album and Tour (details)
According to Warp Records, Autechre will release a new album on April 18 in the UK and on April 5 in Japan, it's called "Untitled." According to, there will be a bonus track called 'Zurich 2001'.

'Untitled' tracklisting:
Ipacial Section
Pro Radii
Augmatic Disport

Here are the 2005 Tour dates

23 January 2005.
New album and Tour
According to Warp Records, Autechre will release a new album in April, it's called "Untitled."They will also be touring the world.

31 March 2004.
Lego Feet re-release!
According to Skam Records, Lego Feet
is getting reissued at the end of this year. As you know this is rumored to be Autechre. Let's hope they release Gescom 1 on CD too. Let's also hope that Warp Records releases a 2 CD comp of Autechre and gescom remixes

31 March 2004.
Skam on Warp

Warp Records will soon be adding the entireSkam Records back catalogue as Mp3's on Warp Records Bleep MP3 store. More details when we get them

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