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let me know if parts of the articles are missing, i had a slight mix-up with them, thanks


.In between experimentalists/traditionalists Immerse 001
.This is the sound of ...Autechre Resonance, 1996
.Transformed by Sound. The Wire, February 1997
.IDM Demigods Faqt, 1998
.Dynamics of Ae(utchr) Sound Collector, 1998
.Autechre Famzine, 1998
.All Mod Con' Jockey Slut, May 2001
.Anger Management....Myths. Grooves 07, 28 Sept.2001
.Autechre. Grooves 10, 2 Feb. 2003
.Autechre. February 2003
.The Futurologists. The Wire, April 2003
.The Master Draftsmen. XLR8R, May 2003
.Rob Brown Interview.
.Autechre. XLR8R, Issue 52


coming soo.

Live Reviews

.Live in London.
.the fridge, brixton, london. 11 Oct. 200

more coming soon..

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